San Jose residents worry PG&E bankruptcy could impact new clean energy program

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The possible PG&E bankruptcy has people in San Jose wondering what this means for the cities new clean energy program.

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The issue of PG&E's solvency comes up in one out of every four calls coming into San Jose Clean Energy. The new program requires PG&E customers in San Jose to switch to the city-run program that sources its own clean energy but uses PG&E facilities to deliver the power to customers and to bill them.

Similar clean energy program across the Bay Area operate the same way, and it's expected they will be at the table to protect their interests if PG&E files for bankruptcy.

With the San Jose program launching a week from Friday, the immediate task is selling 308,000 homes and businesses on the benefit of clean energy. They're automatically enrolled unless they choose to stay with PG&E.

PG&E does have clean energy options but San Jose believes its basic plan, called "Green Source," is better.

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The city also says its rates are lower. Its basic plan will cost a typical homeowner $109.49 per month while PG&E's comparable plan is 48 cents higher. For the 100-percent renewable, 100-percent carbon-free option, San Jose's plan is just over $20 lower than PG&E.

And San Jose believes its rates from power generators should be stable and predictable.
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