Police arrest two suspects wanted in last Sunday's double shooting homicide in Broadmoor

BROADMOOR, Calif. (KGO) -- Two people were arrested in connection with a double shooting homicide in the small Peninsula town of Broadmoor.

The two people arrested Monday night both in their early 20s, are Devin Lum, the suspected shooter and Doriandrew Duffguardado.

Family members and friends of Michael Garcia-Salem, one of two people fatally shot outside Hillside Market, gathered at the street-side memorial for the couple.

They said off camera, police told them there had been arrests but few other details.

Sean Guillory, brother of the other shooting victim Vanessa, said he was happy and relieved that police arrested the two suspects.

"I hope the maximum is put to these people because people like these can't be let out on the street. They can't be around society," Guillory said.

Shortly after the shooting Broadmoor Police Chief Art Stellini said there was also a female who may have been involved.

"There was an altercation that occurred prior to the shooting that we're aware of. And she was with the two males when that occurred," said Stellini

Police have talked to the third person - the female who was in the car with the two suspects. She was not arrested.

Chief Stellini says a verbal altercation occurred outside the market between the victims and the suspects an altercation that led to the shootings.

A third victim is being treated for his injuries at San Francisco General hospital.

Meantime, Guillory says he can't believe what happened.

"Nothing should ever be solved with a gunshot with a weapon of any sort. I want justice for my sister," he said.

The path to justice may start Wednesday with the arraignments of the two suspects.
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