Families on both sides of Target stabbing search for justice

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- On Christmas Eve Tyrone Griffin Jr. and his young son were shopping in a Hayward Target store when police say he asked two men to turn down their loud music in the toy aisle. After an alleged altercation between Griffin and the two men, he was stabbed to death. Families on both sides of the case are waiting for justice to be served.

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"We are going to be here every day to make sure justice is served. I don't want my husband's life to be in vain. It was two on one, they attacked my husband," said Nicole Simmons, Griffin's widow. "He was an awesome man. This didn't have to happen."

The two suspects are brothers Frankie and Jesse Archuleta. Their family says the incident was an act of self defense.

"They felt threatened," said the suspects' brother Destiny Archuleta. "You know this is what it is. THey felt threatened and you have to protect yourself and it was a self defense matter."

A surveillance camera possibly captured it all but police have not released that footage.

"I guess we will see then the video gets out," said Simmons. "I don't believe he would have started that with my son being there."

"We're just here supporting our family," said Destiny. "I know the other family might be upset and stuff, but just like they're supporting their family. That's what we're doing here."

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The arraignment for the Archuletas is rescheduled for Jan. 9.
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