Bay Area voters react to results of Super Tuesday

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Super Tuesday brought people together in San Francisco to watch the results come in. While most aren't surprised by the frontrunners ABC7 News political analyst and Politico reporter Carla Marinucci says she saw something very dramatic unfold.

Marinucci says Donald Trump "killed it" and because of that the Republican establishment is in panic mode. She believes the party and the voters are at odds.

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Republicans in San Francisco watched the GOP field continue to narrow.

"It's going to be interesting to see when Kasich and Carson drop out, where their support will go," said San Francisco resident Dana Walsh.

On Super Tuesday, the majority of the Republican support is with Donald Trump, but not necessarily at at Republican watch party.

"I'm a Marco Rubio supporter," Walsh said.

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"John Kasich comes to mind with a lot of pragmatism and his service as governor of Ohio," said San Francisco Republican party chair Jason Clark.

"There's pros and cons for everyone but I'll ultimately support our party nominee," said San Francisco young Republicans Hilary Hagenbuch.

Marinucci says Trump's success could break the party apart. "I think a lot of major Republican donors and leaders are in a panic tonight wondering if they should stick with this guy, whether they should fight him," Marinucci said.

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On the Democratic side she says Hillary Clinton has the delegate count, but don't discount Bernie Sanders. "Bernie Sanders has proven tonight he has awakened a whole new generation of Democratic voters and I think Hillary Clinton is going to be grateful for him," Marinucci said.

Clinton supporters are happy with the win.

"She's been doing amazing things for people her whole life and I think she'd be incredible for our country," said Luther Lowe, a San Francisco resident.

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If it's Clinton versus Trump in November it's an easy choice for some.

"The most depressing thing is that Trump can say so many divisive and hateful things and it resonates with people," said Kai Romero a San Francisco resident.

Trump could very well be on his way to the GOP nomination.

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