San Jose approves immediate protections against no-cause evictions

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- An emergency measure to stop no-cause evictions has gone into effect in San Jose after dozens of landlords tried to force dozens of tenants out.

City leaders report 30 tenants were given no-cause evictions after an ordinance was passed last month. The fear is that more landlords would do this before the protections go into place in June.

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To stop that from happening, the city council made a move. Members voted to approve an urgent ordinance after residents reported a surge of evictions to beat the deadline. That means the tenant protection ordinance is now in place, protecting them from no-cause notices.

A list of the reasons tenants can be evicted in San Jose after the council's action can be seen below.

Members voted last month to require evictions to have a "just cause," like the tenant was not paying rent, they were breaking the law or damaging the apartment. "But, a number of convictions that happened after our first action and we were concerned that if we didn't act immediately that we might even see more of that and it's very difficult for folks out there," San Jose City Councilman Donald Rocha said.

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Property owners worry the new ordinance will make it difficult to get rid of problem tenants, especially those who know how to work the system. Some city council members agree. "What I found was that if there's an apartment building with sitting tenants and just cause in place, that apartment building is actually worth 30 to 40 percent less than if it is vacant. So, these are people's retirements," San Jose City Councilwoman Dev Davis said.

City staff estimates without the ordinance about 300 no cause evictions would take place this year.

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