EXCLUSIVE: Where did alleged SJ townhome strip club promoter go after eviction?

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Saturday, September 9, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Where did alleged strip club promoter go after eviction?
Where did the alleged San Jose townhouse strip club promoter go after he was evicted? Full I-Team report here. It's a story you'll only see on ABC7.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- One day after an eviction notice was placed outside what neighbors called a San Jose townhome strip club, the evicted tenant, who says he hosts private parties, may have found a new location to party, allegedly without the property owner's permission.

The property owner of this new location tells ABC7 News he had no idea this type of activity might be happening on his property, until the I-Team showed him an invitation for the party.

Video posted publicly to social media on what appears to be Fressh's account sometime between Friday night and the early morning hours of Saturday appears to show exotic dancers inside a club. It's not clear where this video was taken, but the ABC7 News I-Team obtained a text sent by Fressh's phone number that same night announcing a private party from 1:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. at a location on Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose.

EXCLUSIVE: Alleged San Jose townhome strip club promoter evicted, denies wrongdoing

SJ residents say they're relieved their neighbor was evicted after months of complaints about an alleged strip club being run out of a townhome.

The invitation says, "Find Parking anywhere then call..." and lists Fressh's number. It boasts 10+ Fressh Exotic Dancers, 10 Dollar Lap Dances, 20 2 party Before 2am, 150+ bottles, 300 for 1942 Don Julio B4 2am and 40 to dance in addition to food for sale and the promise of "Good Vibes & Thick Thighs."

I-Team reporter Melanie Woodrow got in touch with the property owner of the address listed in the invitation, who said he had no knowledge whether this activity was taking place on his property.

After talking with his tenant, he told the I-Team his tenant rented the space to someone named Fressh for $500 for a "private party that he was planning for his Aunt's birthday."

The party came the day after a sheriff's deputy put an eviction notice at a townhome on Camille Circle where residents had complained for months their neighbor was operating an all-night strip club from inside the townhome every weekend.

EXCLUSIVE: Alleged townhome strip club prompts neighbors to call police, host denies wrongdoing

Neighbors say someone is running a strip club out of a San Jose townhome. But the host denies it and says they are just private parties.

The I-Team spoke with Fressh, who says the parties are private for friends and family only. He denies charging anyone for entry, alcohol, food or to dance.

Fressh also told the I-Team he's still staying at Camille Circle and that the private parties will continue, but with the music turned down so that neighbors aren't bothered.

San Jose's Deputy of Code Enforcement tells ABC7 News, potential criminal activity and code violations associated with this case are currently being investigated and that San Jose Police Department is the lead department in the investigation.

San Jose police tell the I-Team the investigation is ongoing.

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