Security at RNC in Cleveland at unprecedented levels

CLEVELAND (KGO) -- The Republican National Convention kicked off with a mini revolt as anti-Trump delegates tried to make one last stand against a Donald Trump candidacy. They demanded a roll call vote. However, convention leaders denied their request, saying there were not enough signatures on a petition handed in this earlier Monday morning.

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A roll call vote would have allowed individual delegates to vote against Trump, which many say would have failed, but which shows a sign of division in the party.

Despite the early drama inside, outside there were rowdy protests.

Still, security at the RNC in Cleveland is at unprecedented levels. There is mesh fencing all around the inner street areas near the Quicken Loans Arena. Bomb-sniffing dogs and some 3,000 police from Ohio and as far away as California are on hand. It made for long lines and long waits for delegates to get inside.

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"I think it's better to be safe than sorry," said Eddy Willard, and RNC delegate.

Ohio is an open carry state and protestors outside the secure zone are allowed to carry both long and hand guns.

Inside the arena, a revolt by those who chanted "Never Trump" but the protest was quickly drowned out by cries of "U-S-A!" from the larger delegation.

A demand for a roll call vote on the convention floor was quickly squelched as well with a quick and contentious voice vote.

San Mateo County delegate Corrin Rankin is among those who say they are ready to set aside differences and support Donald Trump.

"What do you need to hear from Donald Trump this week to unite this party?" the reporter asked. "As far as I can tell, our party is united," she said.

"I think by the end, when we all come together and realize, he is our nominee, he's the republican running against Hillary Clinton in November and we need to support him," said Claire Chiara, a Berkeley delegate.

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