Best coolers to take to the beach, park or mini vacation

ByNishka Dhawan KGO logo
Monday, June 24, 2024
Here are the best coolers to shop now.

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Whether you're headed to the beach this summer or on a picnic at the park, a cooler can help keep your snacks and drinks fresh and cold. Below, find the best coolers to shop for right now, from top brands like Igloo, Stanley and more.

Coolers buying guide:

Capacity: Every cooler's can capacity is listed below. This lists how many 12-ounce cans each cooler can hold. Depending on the length of your trip or excursion, you can choose a smaller-capacity cooler or a larger-capacity cooler.

Bear-resistant: You'll notice that some coolers are bear-resistant. This means that they're Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee approved and have passed a live bear test so the contents in your cooler should stay safe as long as the latches are fully secure. Check the IGBC page for more information on the certification.

Best coolers



  • $300

    Yeti coolers may be pricey but they are built to last. This one has a tough molded exterior which is also bearproof, according to the brand. It has about three inches of insulation and is built to resemble a freezer, keeping your food and drinks cold for hours on end. There are grippy handles for portability and this cooler has non-slip feet so it won't slide off the back of your car or your boat. Plus, it's entirely leakproof saving you from cleaning up a mess every time you take this cooler out.

    Can capacity: 54 cans



    • $100

      Stanley's newest line of coolers are both aesthetic and functional. Choose between multiple bright colors and you can even sling this mini cooler across your shoulders like a bag. It's got a zipper up top to keep your contents safe and can keep your food and drinks cold for up to 13 hours. I've used it for picnics in and around the city and love how it can hold multiple water bottles or cans and even a few sandwiches. There is even an additional small zipped pocket on the exterior for any credit cards and bills, and an additional carry handle in case you don't want to sling it across your shoulders.

      Can capacity: 10 cans


      Igloo BMX Hard Coolers

      • $124.17

        This hardside cooler has the biggest capacity and offers up to five days of ice retention. I own Igloo coolers and love how durable, lightweight and well-built they are. I've taken mine to the beach, park and even on trips and it has remained as sturdy as ever with no scratches over time. There are built-in loops that will help you tie down this cooler to your vehicle during transport. And, you can currently shop it in multiple colors.

        Can capacity: 83 cans

        25% off

        Rovr Beach RollR 60 Wheeled Cooler

        • $374.19
        • $499

          If you're worried about straining your back or shoulders while carrying a cooler, choose this Rovr option which comes with in-built wheels so you can roll it to your destination as if you're carrying a suitcase. It's bear-resistant and offers up to 10 days of ice retention, according to the brand. It has handles included and is also leakproof for ease of use. Plus, there are built-in dividers so you can segregate your beverages from your food.

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