Some angered by pro-Palestinian mural in SF's Noe Valley, calling it antisemitic

Some are saying the mural needs to go while others are defending it.

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Monday, May 20, 2024
Some angered by pro-Palestinian mural in SF, calling it antisemitic
There is a battle brewing in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood over a pro-Palestinian mural being called antisemitic.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- There is a battle brewing in one San Francisco neighborhood over a mural being called antisemitic.

Some are saying the mural needs to go while others are defending it.

"It's very one-sided. It's very violent, and it's not a call for peace," said Matt, who asked us not to use his last name.

He is giving us his opinion about a mural in San Francisco's Noe Valley. One that he walks by every day with his child and reads, "Stop the genocide in Gaza now."

He'd like to see a message conveying a ceasefire and the release of hostages. Matt showed us the section that angers him the most.

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"So that dollar sign replaces a Jewish star, historically for all-time replacing a Jewish star with money has been patently antisemitic," Matt said.

The Jewish Community Relations Council says they have received numerous complaints about the mural.

"The message is outrageous. It's a form of blood libel against the Jewish community," said Tyler Gregory who is the Jewish Community Relations Council CEO. "The bloody visuals droppings the Star of David, replaced with a dollar sign. It's a classic trope that Jews control the government or some form of manipulation, and it reads like textbook antisemitism."

At least one parent from a nearby daycare told us they don't think it's right that their children have to see these red images every day. Some neighbors ABC7 News spoke with disagree and don't want the mural touched.

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"I can understand for children it can be sensitive, but this is the reality," said Michelle Foy, who lives nearby. "The children in Gaza have no choice. I mean, they're seeing their family members dead in the streets."

J.R. Stone: "So you don't have a problem with it up like it is?"

"I don't think it's very neighborly, but at any rate, I don't have a problem," said Anthony Dougherty, who lives in the neighborhood.

The mural has been defaced numerous times in recent weeks, but the artist has fixed it each time.

As to what comes next, that is unclear. This mural is on private property, and we were unable to reach the owner regarding his future plans.

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