25,000 fans headed to San Francisco for sold out rave with Skrillex, Fred Again

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Thursday, May 30, 2024
25,000 fans headed to SF for rave this weekend: Economy impact here
San Francisco is gearing up for 25,000 music fans to attend the Skrillex & Fred Again show, an outdoor rave, this Saturday at Civic Center Plaza.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco is gearing up for 25,000 music fans to attend the Skrillex and Fred Again show, an outdoor rave, this Saturday at Civic Center Plaza.

Since it sold out in just over 24 hours, it got us wondering, could this be the kind of event the city needs as it recovers from the pandemic?

It all started with a post on X.

"There were some hints about it. Skrillex and Fred Again had announced on social media that they have some new music and are anxious to preview this and there were some hints that this was going to come," said SF Supervisor Matt Dorsey.

A week later, those hints have now solidified with a sold out outdoor electronic music concert for Saturday, June 1 at San Francisco Civic Center Plaza.

"This is the line between my district and Supervisor Dean Preston's district. I know we both really are supporters of doing anything we can to activate the neighborhood. This is a really good thing for the city," said Supervisor Dorsey.

Rene Dennis owner of Chao Pescao restaurant said they learned about the event at the same time everyone else did.

"Yeah, well last minute now. Staffing changes, hours change. It's going to be a big crowd," said Dennis.

Chao Pescao is right across Civic Center Plaza. Rene Dennis is excited about what this means for his employees.

"It makes for a good week. It gives everyone here an opportunity to make a little more of extra money. It's just exciting," said Dennis.

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Shuttered storefronts and office vacancy rates are hitting over 35%. However, there are signs things may finally have bottomed out.

According to event organizers Another Planet Entertainment, the event is expected to inject tens of millions of dollars into San Francisco's local economy.

"I don't think there is really that one silver bullet when it comes to revitalizing and reimagining downtown San Francisco post pandemic but having that consistent drum and beat or exciting events and activations is definitely going to be a really big factor," said Melissa Buckminster with the Downtown SF Partnership.

Nightlife and entertainment were among the industries hardest hit during the pandemic but the city believes they will be vital to San Francisco's economic recovery.

"San Francisco is one of the world's great music cities. Events like this help remind everybody of that fact and we want to keep reminding everyone of that fact," said Ben Van Houten Business Development Manager, Nightlife and Entertainment Sector for the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

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Even though the city is not the one behind Saturday's event, San Francisco is putting money towards future events.

"Our downtown energy grant program is (a) $500,000 grant program, up to $50,000 for existing downtown nightlife entertainment arts businesses to support new creative projects," said Van Houten.

Another Planet Entertainment report that 40% of the people coming to this concert are coming from outside the Bay Area.

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