Pregnant woman hurt in crash at Mill Valley In-N-Out

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Officials in Mill Valley say an out-of-control driver sent several people to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. It happened at an In-N-Out Burger on Redwood Highway Frontage Road.

According to the CHP, it started on Highway 101 when a large pickup truck crashed through the fence, crossed the road, and ricocheted off of cars waiting in line at the restaurant.

It sent as many as eight people to the hospital.

Jeff Brant says there were six family members in his minivan when the truck made impact.

Brant: "I was in the back, heard a screech, saw a puff of smoke, and then he was on top of us."
Freedman: "What are you thinking?"
Brant: "This is my birthday and I am thinking I am pretty darned lucky today."

When asked how fast the driver was traveling, Officer Andrew Barclay says the best estimate was freeway speed

Barclay: "From what they've heard from a couple witnesses is he came off the freeway at full speed."
Freedman: "Through the fence?"
Barclay: "Through the fence, across the frontage road, up over the sidewalk, through the shrubs, and into the parking lot."
Freedman: "Did he hit many people?"

Barclay: "What I know right now is no. It seems like everyone who was injured in this was in a vehicle at the time it happened."

The officer describes the driver as being an older man. They believe he suffered a medical emergency due to an absence of skid marks or any attempt to control the car.

It could have been worse - the area that truck plowed through is exactly the place where school busses drop off kids one hour later.

One of the victims was a pregnant woman. She is one of several people who went to the hospital.

The CHP is interviewing them to learn more about what happened.
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