'We are all still here!' SF celebrates Pride weekend despite canceled parade

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Sunday, June 27, 2021
SF celebrates Pride weekend despite canceled parade
Saturday night the masks were off and the Pride spirit could be seen and felt throughout the Castro.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Saturday night the masks were off and the Pride spirit could be seen and felt throughout the Castro.

"Pride is my favorite time of the year. My birthday and then Pride," said San Francisco resident, Maiku Braxton.

Ruby dressed to impress tonight.

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"We've been locked up for so long so the fact that we are all out and about acting like idiots is everything and I love it!" said San Francisco resident, Ruby Redmunro and added, "The parade is not here but we are all still here."

For the second year in a row, the Pride Parade was canceled, but inside the Castro Theater many lined up to celebrate differently with an LGBTQ film.

"This is an amazing moment for Frameline. This is our home in the city and we were just excited that we could end our festival here," said Allegra Madsen, Director of Programs at Frameline.

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The Pride celebration is also helping many business owners in the Castro recover from the pandemic. According to the Castro Merchant's Association, about 30 businesses had to shut down.

"There were about eight businesses that they opened up during the pandemic and they are doing okay. We are asking all the neighbors and everyone to come and support them," said Masood Samarie, President of the Castro Merchant's Association.

Thankful for the increase in customers this weekend was Cliffs Variety.

"We are getting a lot of fuel coming in here which is really cool," said JJ Meeks, Cliffs Variety's manager.

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That level of community support is what brought Troy Coalman back to San Francisco this weekend.

"This is in honor of my husband who passed away in October. Tonight I'm the widow sparkle," said Coalman.

Surrounded by friends, Coalman decided this how he wanted to celebrate his late husband -- During Pride weekend in the city and at the place where they went on their first date.

"Pride was and is the biggest day in the year to us. It was our Christmas, our Valentine's. Every holiday rolled into one and we lived for it," said Coalman.