Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opens; Robert Pattinson, H.E.R. celebrate new era for film fans

ByGeorge Pennacchio KABC logo
Thursday, September 30, 2021
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures now opens to public
The long-awaited Academy Museum of Motion Pictures finally opened to the public on Thursday!

LOS ANGELES -- The long-awaited Academy Museum of Motion Pictures finally opened to the public on Thursday!

The Academy has held several events to celebrate the opening, including a "night before" premiere party. Robert Pattinson and H.E.R. were co-chairs of the final celebration before the beginning of a new era for movie lovers: the opening of this enormous, history filled complex.

"I feel like everything in cinema this year is really, really pushing to kind of get people really re-integrated into and excited about the industry again," said Pattinson.

"I'm really big on storytelling and these are going to be some of the most inspiring stories. There are people behind-the-scenes that you're going to find out about that you would never know about before," said H.E.R. "And for me, even as a kid, like, when I see somebody that looks like me that's done it, I'm thinking, like, I can do it, too."

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The new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles opens its doors to the public on Sept. 30. Here's what to expect.

There is plenty here to look at, to learn, to enjoy and to remember.

"I definitely want to see 'The Wizard of Oz.' It's my grandmother's favorite movie. To see that exhibit would be really cool," said actress Rebel Wilson.

"It's kind of like trying to share the magic of what it looks like to be inside the process of making a film. That's the whole idea of the museum," said filmmaker Michael Mann. "So to see it actually come to fruition is quite extraordinary."

Jacqueline Stewart is the museum's chief artistic and programming officer.

"We preserve the magic, I think, but then we also demystify the filmmaking process," said Stewart. "So you learn exactly what it takes to make movies."

The guests here are excited to be a part of something special that's anchored in the middle of Los Angeles: A treasure trove of movie history.

"My dream is that there's some 'Legally Blonde' moment in the Academy Museum. So if it isn't there, I brought something. I'm going to tack it up on the wall tonight and we'll see how long it stays there," said actress Meredith Scott Lynn.