ONLY ON ABC7 NEWS.COM: Man detained by SFPD after jumping from roof to roof was at SF General hospital minutes prior

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- More developments about the man that was detained by San Francisco Police after neighbors reported him jumping from roof to roof in the Outer Mission yesterday.

Abilities that shocked and concerned this neighborhood. The man identified as 32-year-old Magdy Alhloul was caught jumping from one roof to the next, breaking a window and trying to jump inside a bedroom.

ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: San Francisco police detain man who jumped from rooftop to rooftop

For approximately 4 hours, San Francisco Police negotiators were on the scene trying to speak to Alhloul. Around 11 am he jumped off the property.

But where did he come from? He was wearing a hospital wristband so we asked SF general's spokesperson if he was at their facility prior to this.

"That's my understanding," said Brent Andrew, the spokesperson for Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

The San Francisco Sheriff's Department is in charge of the security inside the hospital. According to Nancy Crowley a spokesperson for the sheriff's dept. the at 6:50 am on Sunday they received a call about Alhalou. The call stated: "patient breaking glass inside the hospital."

20 minutes later, Alhloul was no longer in hospital property but on a roof.

Neighbors say they've seen several disoriented patients walking around their neighborhood.

"Sometimes they'll be walking around just in their hospital pants and they have the wrist bands and they're walking around confused," said Mission resident, Michel Cordero.

We requested information on the hospitals "Code Green," which means patients who have walked out of the hospital without telling anyone.

In the last three years, there's a total of 23 incidents.

Code Green Incidents by Year:

2018-19, 7-incidents

2017-18, 8-incidents

2016-17, 8-incidents

"After treatment and evaluation, those people are released if they want to be released. We don't have the authority to keep them here if they don't want to be in the hospital receiving treatment," said Andrew.

The hospital has a 23 hours max policy to keep patients who come out of their psych emergency services unless they need further treatment. At 7 am they're released.
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