Trash fills Downtown Guerneville following Russian River flooding

GUERNEVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- The marquee on Monte's Rio's iconic theater is ironic and maybe even funny. "A River Runs Through It The Sequel," it reads.

Residents along the Russian River are certainly paying for it.

Today, rainwater and flood residue ran not only through town, but also piles of garbage on almost every street.

"Everyone knows this has been a tragic event, but Jesus, get us some help, here," said Jerry Knight, who owns the River Theater in Guerneville, now filled with wrecked electronic equipment from last week's flood.

Everyone has a story. Karen O'Brien has a growing one, with a growing mound of garbage outside her Inn on the Russian River, where floodwaters filled lower rooms. "We live here. We know it floods. But never like this."

Sonoma County has provided locations for people to dump their flood garbage. The problem? They need to get it here, themselves, or pay someone to do it.

Supervisor Lynda Hopkins laments this issue in a county already in the red from dealing with the aftermath of firestorms. She wants more help from her board, and will ask for a vote in a public hearing tomorrow morning.
"It is completely unacceptable. Like we are living in a third world country or a war zone. We need to be able to pick up trash from the side of the road." Hopkins said.

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And, locals want President Trump to declare this a disaster zone in order to qualify for assistance from FEMA, as has happened in the past. What changed, we asked?

"I mean it is not surprise someone is not a fan of California. It is very disappointing," said O'Brien.

"You know people are people," said Hopkins. "When they are hurting they need help. And it shouldn't matter how expensive a disaster is, or who is sitting in the oval office."

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