Parents upset after San Francisco school's delayed response to Sacred Heart student's threat

ByLauren Martinez KGO logo
Friday, January 17, 2020
Parents upset after school's delayed response to Sacred Heart student's threat
Parents at a private Catholic school in San Francisco are angry at how the school administration handled threats made by a student.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- "We were kind of disturbed because none of the parents got an email, got a phone call, got a statement, got anything," said Vanessa Bailey, whose child is a Senior at Sacred Heart.

"The song is called 'I'm a racist,' and he explains a lot of explicit things in that song about how he wants to shoot people and do people harm. Stating how he was going to shoot up the school and certain nationalities African American being the main ones," Bailey said.

Aside from the song, personal threats were reportedly made by this student to other students. Candice Pierson says her son was directly threatened by this student now for the second time. The first threat came last year.

"Someone specifically told him to his face I am going to kill you," Pierson said. She said his school counselors have been great to her son during this time and she met with the Dean personally on Thursday. Pierson said he apologized.

"It's evident they dropped the ball when it came to communication. So moving forward, how do we make sure not only our babies but everybody feel safe?" Pierson said.

Thursday night, parents like Bailey and Pierson attended a town hall meeting at the school with students to address why they feel the threat was mishandled, and what they can change for their students in the future. The media was not allowed inside.

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"The only reason why there was an investigation was because a parent called the police, not the school, not the principal not the authorities," Bailey said.

San Francisco Police Captain Joe Engler is the captain for that police district. He said there was a communication failure, but also a communication success. "Very good job among the young people- telling your parents what's going on," Engler said.

After the report of the threat was called in by a parent, Engler said three hours later, officers went to the student's house and found the threat not credible.

The student who made the threat no longer attends the school.

"I heard he got expelled. I feel like they didn't really want to expel him to like we said, protect the image of the school. I feel like they would rather him just drop out and leave cause it looks better for the school. They want to keep kids coming into the school. I understand that but I feel like they tried to sweep it under the rug and they didn't protect the kids first, they protected themselves," Kori McCoy, a senior at Sacred Heart said.

Sacred Heart released this statement to parents below:

"As an institution, we extend a heartfelt apology for the anxiety and the uncertainty over this past week."

"It's evident they dropped the ball when it came to communication," said one parent.

"So moving forward, how do we make sure not only our babies but everybody feels safe?" said another parent.