COVID-19 ICU admissions are at lowest levels in SF since pandemic started, doctors say

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Monday, April 5, 2021
City of San Francisco has just 3 COVID-19 ICU cases
Doctors say the City of San Francisco is down to just three COVID-19 ICU cases.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Not only have the coronavirus numbers improved around the Bay Area, but tonight doctors tell ABC7 News there are just three COVID-19 ICU cases in San Francisco.

This past weekend we saw crowds in the wharf, and for the first time in a long time, restaurant managers are telling us tourists are starting to come back.

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"It really feels good to be outside man, for real man! I'm from Tracy!" says John Anderson, who was visiting San Francisco this weekend. Anderson's entire family had COVID-19. They're healed, no longer contagious, and back visiting San Francisco.

"It was worse for me and mom, the kid got through it quick," says Anderson.

Doctors say hospitalizations and ICU admissions are at their lowest levels of the pandemic in San Francisco. UCSF's Dr. Peter Chin-Hong calls it a milestone, saying the key to these numbers are the vaccination of nursing home residents and those 65 and older.

"Specifically with ICU beds there are currently 3 cases in San Francisco county and I just checked the UCSF centers and we have one," says Dr. Chin-Hong.

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At Sabella and La Torre in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, 90 percent of business comes from those outside the Bay Area.

They're still not there, according to general manager Don McFarland, but he is seeing changes.

"Starting to notice an uptick with people coming from other parts of the country," says McFarland.

Saturday and Sunday out-of-towners flocked to the wharf. For food and wildlife among other things.

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"Well, we are a little bit scared, you know, but life must go on, you have to go out and see the world," says Winnie Davis of the Philippines.

Many say that while the vaccine isn't fool-proof, they feel much more comfortable going out now that they're vaccinated.

"I work in a skilled nursing facility and we went from being terrified a year ago, not even sure we were doing the right thing, and now we're all vaccinated," says Jami Hope of Sonoma County.

"I took the Johnson & Johnson about three days ago. It leaves a little soreness in your arm, but I'm happy that I took it," says Derrick Black, who was visiting San Francisco from North Dakota Sunday.

"It feels good to be back outside having an oyster y'all. It feels real good to be back outside man," says Anderson.

Dr. Chin-Hong says that while the news right now is good in San Francisco, we can't let our guard down, especially as more people are traveling to cities with higher case loads and countries with dangerous variants.

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