Convicted child molester displaying 'free fentanyl' sign across SF school arrested then released

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Saturday, October 21, 2023
Sex offender in SF 'free fentanyl' case arrested then released
Adam Moore, a convicted child molester who set up camp with "free fentanyl" sign across San Francisco school was arrested then released by police.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We have a striking example of the San Francisco Police Department's return to their pre-pandemic policy on dealing with the city's unhoused population. They are now enforcing lower-level laws against camping on public sidewalks. A homeless, convicted sex offender living next to a Catholic grade school got arrested on Friday.

The I-Team's Dan Noyes arrived just as police gave 46-year-old Adam Moore one last chance to move from the sidewalk where he's lived for more than two years, across from Stella Maris K-8 in the Richmond District.

Adam Moore: "They want me to make me go away. That's it. They were very clear about that."

Dan Noyes: "They want you to go where?"

Moore: "They said, wherever I go, they're gonna do the same thing. They say I can't have stuff on the sidewalk."

VIDEO: Convicted child molester sets up camp across SF school with 'free fentanyl' sign

A convicted child molester who set up a camp across San Francisco's Stella Maris Academy with a "free fentanyl" sign has been moved by police.

Police had several contacts with Moore over the past months -- even knew he was a convicted sex offender, but he didn't have an order to keep away from schools as part of his case. But, police focused on Moore after he posted a sign offering "free fentanyl 4 new users." He told ABC7's Dan Noyes on Thursday, that he was serious.

Noyes: "Were you giving away fentanyl? Was that just a joke?"

Moore: "No, it's not a joke."

We watched Thursday as police offered him housing. Moore refused saying, "I will never voluntarily incarcerate myself."

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And we were there one day later when police cited Moore for a misdemeanor, PC 370 -- creating a public nuisance.

Moore: "I did everything you told me to do."

SFPD Lt. Wayman Young, HSOC: "No, sir, I asked you to abate the situation, the nuisance -- You haven't."

Moore was arrested on a probation violation. He had to obey all laws after violating a stay-away order obtained by Station 31 firefighters to keep Moore from camping next to their entrance.

Sgt. Eric Mahoney: "Is this trash over here?"

Moore: "No, that's my belongings."

Sgt. Mahoney: "It's belongings, so you want everything bagged and tagged?"

Captain Chris Canning from SFPD's Richmond Station tells us, the department is returning to pre-pandemic policies on the unhoused population, enforcing basic laws such as no camping on a sidewalk.

"We want to give them the help that they need to get their life in a better place," Capt. Canning said. "And for those who are denying that help and are choosing to live on our streets, then we're going to use all the enforcement options available to us now that we have that understanding, that designation between voluntarily homeless and involuntarily homeless."

Late Friday, we learned that during the ride, Moore had a medical complaint and went to the hospital. Then, police decided to delay pursing the probation violation. He was out of custody Friday night.

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