San Francisco's Muni mulls ban on marijuana advertisements

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency is considering a ban on advertising Cannabis.

The Board of directors will vote tomorrow on a policy to add marijuana to a list that already prohibits, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

There are 130 medical marijuana ads currently on buses, street cars, or Muni shelters. There has been negative feedback.

"People have been disturbed by seeing ads about cannabis-related materials on a public transit system like Muni" says the agency's spokesman, Paul Rose. Add to that a new state law in January that will make recreational pot use legal for adults, which could trigger a wave of new ways to attract consumers. Muni's spokesperson says the state and local regulations need clarity, so SFMTA has recommended a 6 month ban.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee agrees. He says "We don't need advertising to influence our kids." Any pot ads would have to be kept 1,000 feet away from schools and other places children gather, but San Francisco Supervisor Jeff Sheehy says that would be "a logistical challenge" since bus routes would surely pass nearby. Sheehy supports a ban.

Eaze, a local cannabis company that currently has ads on city buses issued a statement saying in part, "We follow the regulations outlined by SFMTA and will always do so."
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