More designated bike lanes coming to San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- More designated bike lanes are being developed in San Jose.

The City's Department of Transportation plans to repave and install bike lanes on busy Meridian Avenue, between Curtner Avenue and Willow Street.

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Cyclist and San Jose resident, Jacob Zalk told ABC7 News says the bike along Meridian Avenue is tough.

"It's pretty dangerous, honestly," he said. "The only other choice you have besides riding on the road is riding on the sidewalk, and that's just not really safe at all."

He welcomes any plan that would put more bike routes in San Jose.

"Downtown San Jose, they added bike lanes only a couple months ago. I wouldn't be riding as much if I weren't riding down there with the bike lanes," he said.

A notice out to the San Jose community read, "The new bike lanes will close a critical gap between existing bike lanes on Curtner Ave, Hamilton Ave, Minnesota Ave, and Willow St."

For these changes to happen, on-street parking will be removed.

"They're definitely on the right track," Zalk said. "It's just, the sooner the better, honestly, with this."
Others tell ABC7 News they're concerned the busy avenue will become even more crowded and tough to maneuver with the narrowing of vehicle traffic lanes.

The city anticipates preparation on Meridian Avenue should begin in early May. Repaving and striping work is expected in the summer and fall.

The purpose of the Meridian Avenue Project is to improve safety, to improve access to transit, and to improve neighborhood livability and quality of life.

"Biking is such a huge, such an important way to get around without using a car. Just a non-emission way," Zalk continued. "It's fast, it's quick and it's really good exercise. So, just having the option is just huge."

The community notice announced the project would also leverage resources by implementing with the City's annual (2019) Pavement Maintenance Program.

ABC7 News has reached out to the City of San Jose's Department of Transportation. This web article will be updated to reflect any additional information.
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