EXCLUSIVE: Video shows man placing bloody animal organs on San Jose homeowner's front steps

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Jose family is shaken and perplexed after they caught a person on their home surveillance camera, placing a bloodied animal heart and unidentified animal organ on their front doorstep.

"I was really scared and am scared still," says Jessun Lim.

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The incident happened just before 3 a.m. on Sunday when a person wearing dark clothes and gloves approached Andres Alfaro's home and proceeded to remove the bloodied organs, a candle, and skull and crossbones from a bag. The items were placed just steps from the family's front door.

Andres has lived in the Snow Dr. community with his wife Jessun and two kids for nearly 10 years and describes it as tight-knit, where everyone knows each other. Which makes the vandalism even more concerning.

"I'm Hispanic, my wife is Asian, I have kids of mixed race...it very well could be racially motivated as well," says Alfaro.

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In the video, the woman, who at one point says she has "been in this country 38 years," looks directly into the phone camera and says the "c**nk" slur again, much louder and storms out.

Because the suspect is seen leaving in the direction of a flight of steps that lead to the back of the neighborhood instead of leaving through the obvious street exit, Alfaro believes the vandalism was committed by someone in the community. The reason, he believes could be retaliation for a parking issue.

"People living here as residents and tenants and owners were using visitor spots as residential spots. It made it so there was nowhere for people to park," says Alfaro as he described a scene where vehicles would park in front of his driveway and block his garage.

The problem was so out of hand neighbors, including Andres posted these signs to educate drivers on where to park and warning them they could be towed.

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San Jose police say they are not aware of any similar incidents and that no suspects have been identified.

Andres has this message for whoever the man in the video is.

"All I'm trying to do is trying to make the community a better place. I'd rather that the person approach me and talk to me instead of putting my family in harm and affecting them," said Alfaro.

If you have any information about the suspect or the incident, call the San Jose Police Department.
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