Some unhappy with Santa Clara's stand against domestic violence

Byby Elissa Harrington KGO logo
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Some unhappy with Santa Clara's stand against domestic violence
Santa Clara tries to tackle the issue engulfing the NFL, but stopped short of calling out embattled 49ers player Ray McDonald.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- Tuesday night the Santa Clara City Council tackled the issue engulfing the NFL, or at least it tried to.

They voted on a resolution opposing domestic violence, but stopped short of taking a real stand on the hometown team, the 49ers, and embattled player Ray McDonald.

Some were hoping that the city council would take it a step further. They wanted members to callout the 49ers and McDonald and to stand with advocates who want him benched until the issue is resolved.

"There are men beating up on their girlfriends at the game, at the game," said Councilmember Lisa Gillmor.

The Santa Clara City Council addressed the issue of domestic violence during Tuesday's meeting and members adopted a resolution.

"The city of Santa Clara urges all organizations, including the 49ers and the NFL, to do all they can to eradicate domestic violence and protect the victims of abuse," Mayor Jamie Matthews said.

The city is partnering with Next Door Solutions -- a domestic violence organization that provides shelter and support. Regardless, some people are not satisfied, such as Deborah Bress. She is a mayoral candidate who's also a victim of domestic abuse. She is disappointed the council changed the original proposal.

Bress told ABC7 News, "It's watered down. It does not include the name of the person who did the dirty."

McDonald is the 49ers defensive end currently under investigation for felony domestic violence.

Kathleen Krenek of Next Door says she is actually pleased with the revised resolution because she says the issue is bigger than just one player. Krenek told ABC7 News, "It's easy to say, 'It's their fault. It's the team. It's the league.' And yes, they have a lot of cleaning up that a lot of us are still going to watch, but let's bring it home."

Krenek says moving forward the organization shares a commitment with the city to protect survivors, bring offenders to justice and change attitudes that allow abuse.