Santa Rosa couple filed lawsuit against PG&E after Coffey Park fire in North Bay

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- A Santa Rosa couple whose home was destroyed when a wildfire moved through the Coffey Park neighborhood is suing PG&E.

Wayne and Jennifer Harvell say PG&E broke federal and state regulations by having knowledge of a high fire danger, yet doing nothing to prevent its equipment from igniting dry grass.

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The couple was awoken by the smell of smoke last Monday morning.

They left their home with their pets and a laptop not thinking they wouldn't have anything to return to.

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"Everything of any value to us personally was in that house. And if there's some responsibility to be borne by PG&E or whoever, we need to find out," said Jennifer Harvell.

ABC7 News received a statement from PG&E saying: "We aren't going to speculate about any of the causes of the fires and will cooperate with the reviews by any relevant regulator or agency."

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