3 pedestrians die near Santa Rosa intersection in 6 weeks

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- It's a stretch of road that has seen too many memorials-- Stony Point Road near Highway 12 in Santa Rosa where, just Tuesday, 20-year-old college student Sidney Falbo died when she rode her bike into the path of an approaching dump truck.

"As of now we believe it is the cyclists' fault," said Santa Rosa police officer Ken Ferrigno.

Place blame, not design, but heavy use, especially among people who live and work nearby.

"My perspective is it is the drivers and also the pedestrians and also the cyclists, as well," observed Anthony Zamora.

The area around the intersection has seen three accidents in six weeks, and eight since 2014.

On September 15th, two cars hit, dragged, and killed 37-year-old Thomas Eck on adjacent Occidental Road. Neither driver stopped.

And on Tuesday night of last week, 39-year-old Jennell Davies, a pre-school teacher, died when hit in a crosswalk.

Since these recent accidents, Santa Rosa Police have increased their presence, but that is all they can do on a stretch of road complete with bike lanes and coordinated traffic lights.

This, apparently, a product of the modern age when fragile humans and fast moving machines come into close contact-- a region where street signs double as metaphors if not followed.

Where memorials bear mute testimony to tragedy and always too late.
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