Settrini Ranch shares 108-year-legacy of sustainable ranching in Salinas Valley

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Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Family-owned Settrini Ranch cultivates a sustainable legacy
Settrini Ranch tends to livestock and improves natural resources for generations to come.

SALINAS VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Settrini Ranch has been in the family for three generations. To this day, the 108-year-old ranch tends to livestock and improves natural resources for generations.

"We started many, many years ago with my great grandparents that immigrated from Italy and Switzerland. They came over and settled here in the Salinas Valley," explained Celeste Settrini, partner of Settrini Ranch.

The business first started as a dairy farm, but later evolved into a beef ranch with Celeste as one of the leading ranchers.

"They're saying that cowgirls rule the world. And I might have to agree with them, because we're doing so much good stuff and breaking new ground," described Settrini. "There's no other life that I would rather have."

Her focus? Sustainable ranching.

"Sustainability to me is keeping this place running in tip-top shape for future generations," explained Settrini. "The whole sustainability thing, ranchers were some of the first people to kind of turn that word because that's all we've really known."

Cow-calf operations are the backbone of the beef industry, made up of smaller operations that own 10 to 100 cows. Ranchers have many tools to keep their animals healthy and safe, like nutrition programs, veterinary care, vaccines, and antibiotics.

"On our ranch, animal care is our number one priority. And you know, we're out here every day, making sure that these cows are all moving like they should," said Settrini. "We don't want to see anybody that's, you know, under the weather. And if we do, we'll make sure to bring them in and treat them as need be."

Celeste shares stories of ranch life to bring awareness and build interest. For more information, follow @celestesettrini on Instagram.