SF Giants back in the Bay Area for season home opener, expect sea of orange and black

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Friday, April 7, 2023
SF Giants are back in the Bay Area for home opener
Oracle Park is gearing up for tens of thousands of San Francisco Giants fans to fill the seats for Opening Day on Friday.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco Giants baseball is back in the Bay Area. Oracle Park is gearing up for tens of thousands of fans to fill the seats for Opening Day on Friday.

Early Friday morning, tarp protected the infield with promise of dry conditions by first pitch.

Longtime fan Greg Smith told ABC7 News, "It's kind of like Thanksgiving, right? But it's for sports. A tradition that you come out every year and you're part of this black and orange. Representing San Francisco! That's how we do it!"

"All my friends are here early," Jim Thordsen said. "They're already here in line ready to go to the various parties. And for those who love baseball, it's the best feeling!"

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Super fan Thordsen was dedicated and dressed to impress in his orange and black, and ready for a ballgame.

Like the team, he's just returning back to the Bay Area after stops in New York and Chicago.

He said he's known as the Mayor of the Gotham Club, a group known for the commitment to the team.

"I just took a late flight back from Chicago. I went to New York for the three, went to Chicago for the three," Thordsen shared. "Yesterday was amazing! The homeruns were... they were hitting home runs so fast I couldn't keep up."

Fans are hoping that momentum carries over Friday, coming off a 3-3 record from that road trip.

Team executive Mario Alioto shared his expectations for the upcoming season - one that's only getting started.

"This time of year, if you're a baseball fan, you have to be excited," Alioto shared. "Because it's the idea of... this can always be your year. And we'll see how it goes!"

The feeling echoed by Giants fans across all generations. Tens of thousands of fans are expected to fill seats at Oracle Park for Opening Day.

"That's all I want, is us to win," Darryl King said.

King and his friends already won ahead of the game, scoring an autograph from left-hander Taylor Rogers. Rogers is joining his twin brother Tyler as a reliever with the San Francisco Giants.

The 2023 season brings new players, new food, new concession deals, and even upgraded WiFi to post all the fun. And after this series, old rivals are up.

"The Dodgers will be here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday," Giants Senior VP of Public Affairs and Community Relations Shana Daum said. "And then the Dodgers don't return until the end of the season here in San Francisco."

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