SJPD: Man killed ex's parents before fatal police shooting

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose police are investigating a second officer-involved shooting that occurred after a couple were found shot to death inside their home in the Willow Glen neighborhood Wednesday night.

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The scene was something none of the neighbors wanted to witness.

"We heard a series of pops, thinking it was firecrackers or some other type of noise," said Willow Glen resident Holly Troche. "We didn't think too much of it until the police showed up."

Around 9 p.m. Wednesday night police say a 24-year-old man shot and killed the parents of his ex-girlfriend inside their home on Laura Ville Lane in Willow Glen.

Kim Vostermans was among those who heard the tragedy play out. "Heard over the bullhorn, 'Come out with your hands up. Come out. Come out.' We could hear all this screaming, you know,"

The suspect also held the victims' 13-year-old son hostage for a short period before letting him go. Not too long after, the suspect was then shot to death after he refused to surrender and pointed a gun at police.

"He didn't give this family choices," said San Jose police chief Eddie Garcia. "He didn't give my officer a choice, and it's just tragic, tragic incident, perpetrated by evil."

Police say the suspect had a prior DUI record as well as a history of domestic violence and mental illness. He also had an active restraining order against him, brought by his ex-girlfriend who was not at her parents' home at the time of the shooting.

Residents nearby say their hearts ache for the family.

"This is a tight-knit community, people know each other you know, you walk downtown and you see your neighbors," Vostermans told ABC7 News.

The officer who shot the suspect is now on paid administrative leave.
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