Snowboarder rescues friend who was swallowed by powder

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Monday, January 29, 2018
Snowboarder rescues friend who was swallowed by powder
Video shows a snowboarder rescuing his friend after he got buried under a snowbank after a jump in British Columbia.

Video shows a snowboarder being rescued after getting buried in powder in British Columbia.

The GoPro footage was taken on January 21, 2018.

Nigel Beaupre and a fellow snowboarder named Jordan O'Connell jumped off a ridge in Whistler. In the video, Beaupre is seen landing safely, but after attempting the same jump, O'Connell got buried under a snowbank.

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Beaupre quickly went to dig his friend out. "It's not every day you have to dig your friend out of the snow to save his life," Beaupre said. "It just goes to show how quick things go from having a great time to a near-tragic experience."

Thanks to buddy's help, O'Connell did not suffer any major injuries.

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