6-year-old Ohio boy with cancer fulfills dream of graduating high school

OHIO -- A community in Ohio has come together to support a young boy battling stage-four pediatric cancer.

Their goal was to give 6-year-old Walter Herbert the chance to live as much of life as possible.

The local Fairfield schools pitched in, giving him a fast-track tour of elementary, middle and high school. In his red cap and gown, Walter marched into his high school graduation, surrounded by superheroes.

"Surreal, very, very emotional," mom Emily said. "I didn't want him to see me cry, so it was very hard to hold back tears today."

Walter completed grades 1 through 12 in just two days, earning his diploma and the support of the entire community.

"He gets to graduate school at 6," dad Wally said. "He really wants to go to school. He loves being here."

The whirlwind lessons included baseball during gym and physics experiments in the classroom.

"It's just made me want to have a positive outlook on everything I do," Fairfield student Katrina Putnick said. "Despite what the situation might be."

And it's also Walter's dream to live life to the fullest as he fights.

"To me, this is the most important teaching day of my career so far," Fairfield art teacher Matthew Klaber said. "And I think it's always going to be."

Wally and Emily never imagined so many people would fall in love with their son and help to make his dreams come true.

"We wouldn't even know how to say thank you," Wally said. "Words wouldn't do it justice."

The boy's parents are now discussing college and careers with him, and they hope the story of Walter's dream help to raise awareness for pediatric cancer.
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