Girls receive customized teddy bears with late grandpa's voice for Christmas

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Two girls were brought to tears on Christmas when they each received a teddy bear featuring built-in recording of their late grandfather's voice. (y_jennifer2974/Twitter via Storyful)

Two girls were touched by a very special gift this Christmas when they received customized teddy bears that had built-in recordings from their late grandfather.

The girls received the teddy bears from their aunt Andrea, and were brought to tears after realizing it was their grandpa's voice coming from the bear. Their grandfather " tragically died of a stroke during a robbery at a car wash last year," according to Storyful.

Video of the girls receiving the bears was retweeted over 58,000 times on Twitter.

"Very very original, subtle and touching gift," wrote one Twitter user.

"This is the most beautiful thing ever," wrote another.
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