Man accidentally invited to bachelor party flies across the country to attend

It's the bachelor party invitation mix-up that resulted in a new friendship.

Two men, both named Will Novak, live in Arizona and New York.

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Party planner Devan Onello was running out of time so he sent invitations to his brother's bachelor party ski getaway via email.

But he made a single typo, and ended up sending an invitation to the wrong Will Novak.

Novak, a total stranger to everyone in the group, quickly responded.

"My email was kind of like 'hey guys I live in Arizona, Vermont is a very long way away, I don't know how to ski -- all that said count me in, I'm there, I'm there for my man Angelo, I love Angelo,'" Novak said.

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Since it was last-minute, Novak needed a little help paying for the trip, so he turned to a GoFundMe.

Within hours, he reached his goal to travel to Vermont.

He is there now enjoying a bachelor's weekend with a group of new friends, including one man who shares his name.
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