How a Bay Area man became 2nd ever to solo kayak from CA to Hawaii, after 91-day journey

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Bay Area man becomes 2nd ever to solo kayak from CA to Hawaii
After 91 days and 2,400 miles, Marin man Cyril Derreumaux is now the second person ever to kayak successfully from California to Hawaii.

HILO, HI (KGO) -- After 91 days, 2,400 miles, and one tropical storm, a Marin man is now the second person ever to kayak successfully from California to Hawaii.

ABC7 News caught up with Cyril Derreumaux after his historic solo journey concluded in Hilo last week. He set off from Monterey in June in a modified kayak that had pedals as well as a small sleeping cabin, but no engine or sail to help.

Derreumaux first attempted the mission last summer in 2021, with a goal to reach Hawaii in 64 days to break the Guinness World Record, but had to stop because of weather and equipment issues.

"I wanted to do this to enjoy life, so safety was always the most important, and if I have to call for the US Coast Guard because, at that time it was 35 knots of wind, and I stayed stuck in the cabin for three days," Derreumaux said.

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He then set off again this past summer. He says that he learned from his last attempt and modified his boat, improved his training, and created more mental tricks to help him along the way.

Derreumaux says he would paddle 10 hours a day, and that training the right tendons in his body was important. He would paddle four hours in the morning, two in the afternoon, and four in the late afternoon.

"I went easy, and you need to have the right calories," he said. "I was eating 4,000 calories a day, I was making sure that I would rest sufficiently at night."

It wasn't just his longer beard that changed over the last three months.

"I went very personal in my spiritual journey," Derreumaux said, noting that he would post to his website and social media along the way and was touched by how people connected with him.

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"People outside of the kayaking world, outside of the ultra-endurance adventure, connected with the message of living life to the fullest and make following your passion, and that was beautiful to see the feedback of my crossing," he said.

Friends and family met Derreumaux in Hawaii as he finally achieved his goal.

"My 22-foot-boat world came to an end when I arrived in Hilo," Derreumaux said. "With all those hugs, it was fantastic."

He said that he's looking forward to more hugs from people when he gets back to the Bay Area, and then he'll be out kayaking again.

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