Some Santa Rosa residents want more evidence, sources in Tubbs Fire report

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- PG&E is not at fault in setting off the 2017 massive Tubbs Fire, the wildfire that killed 22 people and destroyed more than 4,600 homes in Sonoma County. Privately owned electrical equipment servicing a property on Bennett Lane in Calistoga triggered the deadly blaze.

That's the conclusion of an investigation by Cal Fire, which has the support of some.

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"If that's their judgment on it, I trust that judgment," says Frank Nappi, a Santa Rosa resident. "They investigated it, and I know they have the tools to do that."

Cal Fire's 80-page report is based on a witness statement, expert opinion and physical evidence. The report states that fire patterns at the site prove that the fire moved towards the nearby PG&E pole in question. And that there is "no evidence" showing PG&E's conductors were "charged" when they were severed or fell to the ground.

Calistoga's Mayor Chris Canning says the findings are no real surprise.

"Now, if you were to say PG&E was doing the study, that'd be a different story, for obvious reasons. But I have no reason to doubt Cal Fire at this point," explains Canning.

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Cal Fire also interviewed a caretaker of the Bennett Lane property, who says the private power pole was "wood-peckered so bad" that it was about to be replaced. Further evidence, for Cal Fire, that PG&E is not at fault.

But not everyone is so easily convinced. Stacy Willow, who grew up in Santa Rosa, says she wants more evidence-- and she doesn't want to the city to rely on an investigation conducted by just one source.

"There was a lot of fire. It's hard to determine what really happened with that much heat, I would assume," she says. "Hopefully they get somebody out there to get a second look."

Some law firms representing Tubbs Fire victims don't agree with Cal Fire's findings either and are conducting their own investigation.

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The report also found no violation of any state laws related to the fire.

To read Cal Fire's full report, go here.

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