Spike in gold chain robberies targeting East Indian women in Fremont

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- On May 6th, this surveillance video shows a woman filling up her gas tank, on Fremont Boulevard, unaware of the man in the hooded jacket, scoping her out.

Suddenly, he lunges for her gold necklace.

Shocked, she struggles with him as he drags her, several feet. While on the ground she even loses a shoe!
Finally, he gets her chain and takes off.

Geneva Bosques is with the Fremont Police Department.

"We're starting to experience more violent behavior by our suspects. They're not giving up so it's very alarming to see some of this."

Fremont Police has seen a 50 percent jump in the number of gold chain snatchings this year.

Investigators believe this man may have committed two of the robberies... preying on mothers picking up their children from Oliveira and Patterson Elementary schools.

These are photos of that man robbing and wrestling a woman to the ground, as she walked home with her child.

Parents are reacting.

Sushma Sharma said, "It has given a little feeling of insecurity to all of us. Not only about the jewelry but it's about dropping the kids in the morning and all."

Swati Dubey Gaur said, "We are not wearing much of gold these days. It's better not to wear it just to be safe."

All of the robberies took place in broad daylight and targeted East Indian women.

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