Athletics' Ramon Laureano suspended 6 games; Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron suspended 20 games

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Oakland Athletics outfielder Ramon Laureano has been suspended six games and Houston Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron 20 games for their roles in Sunday's benches-clearing incident between the teams.

Laureano, who also received an undisclosed fine, has appealed the suspension, Major League Baseball announced. Cintron also received an undisclosed fine. His suspension begins immediately.

After being hit by a pitch for the third time in the series and second time in the game, Laureano pantomimed toward Astros pitcherHumberto Castellanoshow to properly snap off a slider, prompting a response from the Astros' bench. Laureano said that Cintron uttered an expletive at him, which Laureano returned. Then, Laureano told ESPN, Cintron "said in Spanish something you don't say about my mother."

In a statement released Tuesday, Cintron said he accepted the suspension and "will learn from this" but denied referencingLaureano's mother. He acknowledged his "actions were inappropriate."

"I apologize for my part in Sunday's unfortunate incident. As coaches, we are held to a higher standard and should be an example to the players. Hopefully, other coaches will learn from my mistake so that this never happens again in the future," he said.

After the exchange of words, Cintron, as shown on replays, stepped out of the first-base dugout and motioned for Laureano to come at him. Laureano ran toward Cintron, who stayed behind Astros players as Laureano was tackled and the benches for both teams emptied.

The last time a player or coach was suspended 20 games for an on-field action came in June 2005 when pitcher Kenny Rogers was suspended 20 games after a physical confrontation with two cameramen. The longest previous suspension for a coach over the past 20 years was 15 games for Juan Samuel in April 2000. He was suspended after throwing punches in a White Sox-Tigers brawl.

Laureano, 26, said he wishes he had chosen not to run toward the Astros' dugout and waste his time on Cintron. "I regret charging him because he's a loser," Laureano told ESPN on Monday. "[A suspension] is understandable, but I hope it's not that many games.

"At the end of the day, I'm here to win a World Series with the Oakland Athletics -- this wonderful group of guys. I don't want to be a distraction. Obviously, I am right now. Hey, I've already moved on. I'm facingJulio Teherantoday, and that's all I'm thinking right now."

ESPN's Jeff Passan contributed to this report.

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