Eric Reid: Agree and disagree with Borland, but it's 'personal decision'

ByPaul Gutierrez ESPN logo
Friday, August 21, 2015

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Eric Reid saw the interview former San Francisco 49ers teammate Chris Borland gave ESPN that aired this week, in which Borlanddetailed his reasons for his stunning retirement after one NFL season.

Reid, a third-year free safety, agreed with some of Borland's reasoning.

"You have to respect the way he feels about it," Reid said Friday. "I mean, football is a violent sport. But you know what you sign up for when you put those shoulder pads on, and, you know, I agree with certain aspects of it, [and] I disagree with certain aspects of it, but, like I say, you have to respect his decision either way.

"I've had concussions, and I'm still here. I still love the sport. I think I'm still very healthy, yeah."

Reid disagreed with Borland's assessment in which he compared football with boxing and mixed martial arts.

"Those are completely different sports," Reid said. "But [football] is a violent sport; I agree with it."

Did Borland's decision to retire at a young age -- he was 24 when he made the announcement in March -- give Reid pause regarding his own career, which, he said, has included concussions?

"No, not at all," Reid said. "I mean, every guy I see evaluates their decision, whether it's a concussion or an ankle sprain, a torn ACL. With any injury, you have to evaluate yourself and make a personal decision."

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