Super Bowl 2020: Fans in South Florida find the 'right' red as 49ers, Chiefs share similar color scheme

MIAMI (KGO) -- All around South Florida, Super Bowl LIV is drawing fans in red and gold gear, and this applies to both fan bases.

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs share a similar red and gold color scheme.

We know the 49ers will be donning their white and gold away uniforms on Super Bowl Sunday, meaning both teams won't be taking the field in red.

Still, the similarities have some doing a double-take in South Florida.

For that reason, we hit the streets to ask football fans about the difference.

Miami resident and Dolphins diehard Michael Gregory said, "The Chiefs red, I think is a little bit lighter."

"Our red is very specific," 49ers fan, Carlos Rojas told ABC7 News. "Kansas red is a little lighter and also has the yellow. So, you could tell them apart. They're very distinct.

Missouri resident and Kansas City fan Raymond Kutzke said, "The stripes are different on the sleeves. You know the difference if you're a fan."

According to, here's the difference: 49ers red is listed as Pantone: 187-C. Chiefs red is listed as Pantone: PMS 186-C. Essentially, the two colors are just one digit off.

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So, ABC7 News downloaded the shades and put fans to the test.

With an iPad, we showed Miami visitors the two colors- swiping from one to the other.

While looking at one color, Miami resident and Kansas City fan Sebastian Reyes answered, "Looks like San Francisco red. Yeah. It's a little bit lighter."

He identified the other as Chiefs red. Reyes was incorrect.

Gregory answered confidently, "That's KC."

When ABC7 News swiped to the second color, Gregory wasn't so sure. However, he eventually got it right.

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Kutzke was quick. He immediately identified Chiefs red, then 49ers red.

If there's ever any confusion, 49ers fan Rick Lynch put it simply.

"There's only one red and it's our red... It's 49ers red," Lynch said. "It's gold rush red. They're red and gold is like McDonald's. Just saying. That's fast food, we're class food."

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