Officials meet over new stadium proposal for A's, Raiders

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The clock is ticking for East Bay officials trying to meet a series of deadlines in their efforts to build a new stadium complex for both the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland Athletics.

With a Monday deadline looming, Oakland city officials were in meetings all day long to prepare for their response to the Coliseum City proposal presented by developer Floyd Kephardt. "This is great because I think things are culminating together. There's a lot more certainty on both the A's and Raiders parts about what they need, what deal would be, you know, we're going through that with both the sports teams and Mr. Kephardt at this time," Oakland Assistant City Administrator Claudia Cappio said.

As it is now, the plan calls for the construction of two separate stadiums on the existing Coliseum property.

"One is the issue around the indebtness on the Coliseum. The other is the issue around the cost of the infrastructure and then the other issue is the land. How do we address the issue of that 128 acres of land ," Oakland City Council Member Larry Reid said.

The development would also include 4,000 housing units, 400 hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping center and office space.

One of the possibilities is the city of Oakland could buy the county of Alameda out of the land.

Looming over East Bay officials is next month's NFL owners meetings in Chicaco where owners are expected to draw up a preliminary plan for a team, possibly the Raiders to move to Los Angeles.
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