Woman thanked for comforting stranger's toddler at Target

PEARLAND, Texas -- A woman said she had her hands full with two small children - a toddler and a 2-month-old infant - both "having a meltdown" while shopping at a Pearland Target store.

According to a now-viral Facebook post, it became too unmanageable for Rebecca Paterson until a stranger stepped in to soothe one of the crying kids.

A woman named Tiffany Guillory was captured in a picture holding the woman's 2-year-old.

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"I started putting things away on the shelf and was about to leave when she came over to help," the overwhelmed mom said. "She walked with me while I got the essentials needed for the day and kept hold of my toddler while he calmed down."

Guillory said she knew exactly when to jump in to help, " I said 'do you need some help' and never said anything but her motion was like 'yes!'"

At Guillory's action, Paterson said Tiffany "saved me today," adding that the stranger is an "angel."

Paterson vowed to pay it forward "if I see a poor mom in need of help."

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