Hearing on restraining order filed by Santa Clara Youth Soccer League

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- A judge in San Jose is hearing the case of a local soccer league suing the city of Santa Clara. The soccer folks are fighting to keep their fields away from Super Bowl 50.

The judge said he will be making a ruling on the temporary restraining order today, but no matter what he decides, both sides will be back here next week for another hearing. And in a twist, the attorney for the soccer league says they could end up adding the NFL to their request for a preliminary injunction.

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The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League was scheduled to lose access to their fields on Monday and won't get them back until at least 30 days after Super Bowl 50. The NFL is taking them over. It will be used for staging for the media, half time and security. The city of Santa Clara promised some alternative soccer fields, but the league says they've been told they will only get two fields for practices Monday through Friday, and no weekends. That would leave the league of about 1,500 kids with no place to play for games.

Fight over Santa Clara fields pits NFL against youth soccer league

"We would go home tomorrow if someone could promise us that, look you have a place to play, a good high grade field that suits the caliber of players that you have. We'll all go home. We'll be done. We have better things to do on New Years," said Gautam Dutta, attorney for Santa Clara Youth Soccer League.

"We believe we've provided adequate fields. And we made that argument to the judge in chambers just now," said Ren Nosky, Santa Clara City Attorney.

Another big concern by league officials is what condition will the fields be in after the Super Bowl is over. The NFL has agreed to repair the fields, but soccer supporters say there is nothing in writing, so if the field isn't ready it could delay games indefinitely.

After today's ruling, a hearing on a preliminary injunction will be held next Wednesday.

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