San Jose man claims to have caught all Pokemon in Pokemon Go

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Jose man is claiming to be the second person in the world to have caught all the Pokemon in the augmented reality game Pokemon Go. It's a feat in which he can now call himself, Pokemon Master.

"The last one that I needed was Lapras," said Trevor Norgaard.

For 20 straight days, Norgaard walked seven to eight miles, five to six hours a day.

"I did not expect doing it in 20 days," he said. "But with proper planning and strategy I was able to do it."

Norgaard believes he's the second person in the world to accomplish this feat, and he never walked off a cliff or into traffic.

"I almost walked into a light post, but that's about it," he said with a smile.

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Norgaard caught a lot of Pokemon at Guadalupe River Park in San Jose. In fact, he says places with a lot of people are where you'll have the most luck.

That's why he says he had so much success in San Francisco, the farthest he traveled for the game.

Norgaard also says he was always walking, as standing or sitting around apparently won't yield nearly as many Pokemon.

Pokemon trainers we talked to are impressed.

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"It's cool, I'm not going to downplay it," said one person. "That's cool. Good for him."

Another added, "That's awesome. Not jealous. I caught the one I wanted so it's all good."

But there are plenty of Pokemon Go critics who think the game is a complete waste of time.

To that, the San Jose State senior has this to say.

"My grades are fine and I have a job and my bills are paid and this is just something I do in my free time," he said. "It gets me outside, I exercise, and it's fun."

And he's proud to call himself Pokemon Master.

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