Peninsula school looks to heal after alleged beating over Trump

WOODSIDE, Calif. (KGO) -- Today it was all about healing and reconciliation at a Peninsula school one day after a student beat up another, who said she was a Trump supporter. This came after she commented in an offensive Instagram post.

A video showed one girl beating up another. The victim says it's because she supported Donald Trump. Other students say it escalated with these offensive comments about Mexicans. Word spread quickly on the large campus.

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"This is what the whole Trump thing caused. It's causing division between races and stuff and I don't think it's good," said Alexa Suchite, student.

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Today, a group of students assembled on the campus quad to voice their opinions. Hundreds of students joined. Even the school principal participated. Students say it was all about healing.

"We were all just talking about diversity and like all this. We're just coming together and we just feel we should have a say with this presidency and everything," said Gillian Person, student.

Students from other schools even showed up. Daira Quintero is from Carlmont High in Belmont.

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"What happened, happened but we're now once again united as one. We're trying to speak out about what's occurred," said Quintero.

A group called Live in Peace from East Palo Alto helps students graduate and go on to college. The student who caused the fight attends their program.

"We're working hand and hand with the school here to make sure that cultural understanding and acceptance is prevalent in these difficult times," said Khabral Muhammad, "Live in Peace" life coach.

The principal released a statement today which says in part "They participated in a remarkable peaceful protest, the permeating student message was one of unity."

Students told us the rally was peaceful and respectful with a lot of different voices.

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