High school athlete helps opponent with epilepsy, autism finish race

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Thursday, October 13, 2016
Teen athlete helps opponent with epilepsy, autism finish race
A high school athlete showed what sportsmanship really means when he helped an opponent, who has epilepsy and autism, cross the finish line.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- One teenage runner in Iowa didn't cross the finish line first, but many say he's the true winner.

Evan Hansen, a sophomore at City High, was running in his cross country meet when he saw Adam Todd from Cedar Rapids Washington, a competing school, KCRG reported.

Adam, who has epilepsy and autism, was distracted by an ambulance. When he veered off course to check it out, Evan came to his rescue.

Evan held Adam's hand for 1.5 miles, pushing Adam on.

"It was pretty amazing actually. I kind of pushed him in front of me when he finished. I wanted him to be in front of me because he finished it by himself, I'd like to say," Evan said.

As they neared the finish line, other members of Evan's team ran along with them, encouraging Adam the whole way.

"I can't tell you the immense pride I felt," said Jayme Skay, Evan's coach. Skay said he and the opposing team's coach both got choked up at the scene. "You coach 20, 30 years, and it's moments like that, that make it all worth it."

Adam's father said his son was thrilled to finish the race and knows he has a special buddy on the course.