Recent storms could lead to terrible tick season for Bay Area, especially in this county

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Saturday, February 4, 2023
Beware of terrible tick season, especially in this Bay Area county
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The downside of all the rain we've had in the Bay Area could mean a very dangerous season for ticks.

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- In the North Bay, the downside of all the rain we've had could mean a very dangerous season for ticks - and Marin County could be ground zero for the hungry pests.

"Nasty creatures! I don't like them," said Anian Segal from Novato.

Let's face it, ticks are gross. But experts say they love wet weather and the Bay Area has seen a lot of that.

"Ticks like rain and combined with temperate weather means ticks will be out looking for a meal," said Wendy Adams from the Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

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The Bay Area Lyme Foundation says Marin County has some of the highest tick infection rates in California, at around 30%. Possibly due to all its open space and wetlands. Ticks can carry the bacteria which causes Lyme disease.

An image from a microscope shows the bacteria literally out running the immune system, using a corkscrew motion to bore through tissue and blood vessels.

"It's important if you've been bitten by a tick, you may not have a rash but see your doctor right away," Adams added.

Marin County parks are posting warning signs on hiking trails to beware of Ticks.

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Experts say If you're on a hike, preventing tick bites is easy if you cover up. Wear a long-sleeve shirt and pants and tuck your pants into your socks.

"I'm already seeing ticks on my dogs," said Marin Humane Veterinarian, Dr. Belinda Evans.

Marin Humane Veterinarian Dr. Belinda Evans says, our pets need extra protection from ticks, and they should be routinely checked, like Rosie.

"Is it lump or a tick, you can part the fur to tell if it's significant or not," Evans added.

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If you find a tick on your pet, a tweezers or this tick remover can help.

Flea and tick medications can kill the pests if they jump on your dog or cat.

"I don't want them on my dog, I don't want to be a host either," Segal added.

Be safe out there, and beware of those hungry pests.

"I think it'll be a bad season, we may have a trouble with that," Evans added.

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