Flowers, notes honor victim of SoCal Trader Joe's shooting

Monday, July 23, 2018
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Trader Joe's manager Melyda Corado was shot and killed at the Silver Lake store after a hostage situation with a shooting suspect.

SILVER LAKE, LOS ANGELES -- Hundreds of notes and flowers have been left at the Trader Joe's in Silver Lake as a tribute to the store manager who was killed in a hostage standoff and shooting on Saturday.

Melyda Corado, 27, was shot and killed at the store after an armed suspect ran inside following a chase and exchanged gunfire with police.

Store employees and customers are remembering the beloved employee with fondness.

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"She was amazing," said Trader Joe's employee Armando Escudero. "She was perfect. She was what Trader Joe's was about. She was nice and always knew what to do. She was just perfect in every way."

Notes left on the store wall offer messages like "rest in peace" and "thank you for your years of friendliness."

Corado's brother Albert tweeted: "I miss my sister. I wish this wasn't happening. Feels good to be with family, though. My dad is doing his best to keep it together. I am, too. Family is coming to visit from as far away as Australia. #MelydaCorado you were immensely loved."

Police say the shooter, 28-year-old Gene Evin Atkins took them on a miles-long pursuit from South Los Angeles.

He first shot his grandmother and another woman, and put that second victim in his car and took off.

The chase ended in a crash in front of the Silver Lake Trader Joe's.

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The suspect and police exchanged shots as customers and employees were caught in the crossfire.

The suspect took hostages inside and as he was firing back and forth with police, Corado was struck and killed.

It is still undetermined whose shots struck Corado.

Next to shattered glass and a wall full of bullet holes, roses, daisies and lilies now line the outside wall of Trader Joe's.

The store remains closed and boarded up, though some people are being allowed back inside to retrieve belongings and their cars.