Attempted police traffic stop in Richmond results in gunfire exchange

Bay City News
Sunday, March 22, 2015

RICHMOND, Calif. -- A male suspect was hospitalized and a police sergeant was unscathed after the two exchanged gunfire this evening in Richmond, a police captain said.

A police sergeant on patrol shortly after 7 p.m. attempted to make a traffic stop at the intersection of 25th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Richmond police Capt. Bisa French said.

The vehicle failed to yield to the officer and instead gave chase, leading the sergeant to the 500 block of 38th Street, less than a mile away, where French said the suspect fled from the vehicle on foot.

"As he was fleeing, the officer could see he was armed," French said.

The officer pursued the suspect and as they were moving towards the rear of a residence, the officer and the suspect exchanged gunfire, French said.

The suspect tried to run away and again, the two shot at each other, but this time, French said the officer struck the suspect.

The suspect was taken into custody and then transported to the hospital, French said.

She said it doesn't appear that the suspect's injuries are life threatening and the officer was not hit in the exchange.

A gun was recovered at the scene, French said.

She said she does not yet know the identity of the suspect or why the suspect was being pulled over.

The officer was alone on the call, French said.

As of around 8:30 p.m., French said no bystanders had reported any injuries but she did not know if any of the bullets had struck any structures in the area.