Cracking down on congestion in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco's reality is that traffic congestion is worse than ever, in part, because of Uber and Lyft and fewer people are riding bicycles because they fear getting struck by a car.

Who's going to fix that? San Francisco's mayor said she has a plan to make things safer for bicyclists.

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Here's a common occurrence in San Francisco, a ride-sharing driver blocks the entire street, no one is able to get around him. He then gets out of his car to deliver an item.

Another driver gets a ticket because he double-parked to drop off a passenger.

Since 2010 to 2016 traffic delays in the city have increased by 62 percent, that's according to a recent study. The main culprit-- transportation network companies known as TNCs, that's what cities now call companies like Uber and Lyft.

"So had TNCs not shown up we probably would have experienced something like a 22 percent increase in delays, instead of a 62 percent," Joe Castiglione of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

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None of the people we talked to were surprised to read about it in the papers.

"No, because they stop all over the place, wherever they want," said one San Francisco resident.

This kind of congestion is aggravating and dangerous, especially to bicyclists.

"Especially recently, they've been driving into the green lanes," said a bicyclist.

Mayor London Breed would like a crack at protecting bicyclists.

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"My push is to get MTA to move faster on protecting bicycle lanes in the high-injury corridors where we know we have a large number of bicyclists using those roads," revealed the mayor.

And effective immediately there will be more citations given out to those who block bike lanes.

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