2 escaped fugitives captured in San Francisco return to Orange County

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The two fugitives who were captured in San Francisco Saturday arrived back in Orange County where they broke out of jail more than a week ago.

It's unknown how long the duo was hiding in San Francisco.

Fugitives, Hossein Nayeri and Johnathan Tieu returned to the Orange County Men's Jail in Santa Ana early Sunday. The same facility they managed to escape from eight days ago after sawing their out of their cell and crawling to freedom.

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The pair captured near Golden Gate Park after a woman recognized their stolen van that was parked on Stanyan Street near the Whole Foods Market.

Police were notified and suspect Nayeri ran. The chase captured on police radio.

"He's coming back over the hill, back towards Waller. Code Four, code four. We've got him down," according to the police radio.

Neighbors say it's scary to think that two armed and dangerous jail escapees were hiding out in San Francisco.

"It's creepy. I'm around the corner, up a block," said San Francisco resident Brandon Espinoza.

Authorities confirmed to ABC7 News that police were watching an apartment house in San Francisco's Richmond District where the two suspects may have tried to make contact with a friend or relative living there.

Neighbor Suzanna Allen says plain clothes police showed up recently. "It never occurred to me that those criminals might be here," Allen said. "Somebody had a long black thing, I don't know if was a gun or battering ram. I have no idea."

Allen says police spoke with a man living next door. "They wouldn't let me come out of the hall. The police lady said, 'Go back inside,'" Allen said.

No arrests were made. The man police spoke with had no comment. Neighbors say they never saw the two men.

Both suspects were captured only blocks away back behind bars.

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