U :Dessert Story serves next-level Asian cuisine

ByVictoria Vallecorse Localish logo
Saturday, February 8, 2020
U :Dessert Story serves next-level Asian cuisine
At U :Dessert Story, you can order brunch with a mountain of shaved ice!

SAN FRANCISCO -- Located in San Francisco's Marina District, U :Dessert Story Vintage Brunch+Dessert serves up a Japanese-style brunch along with bingsoo, or shaved ice that mimics the texture of snow! At U :Dessert Story, expect a photogenic variety of next-level Asian cuisine influenced by Korean, Japanese, and Thai passion.

Owner, Tammy Boonlieng believes that we eat with our eyes before we actually dig in. With innovative ingredient combinations, vintage plates, and special effects, each dish can be likened to a piece of art. The restaurant itself is decked out in classic Thai decorations, featuring a wall full of flowers inspired by those that grow in Thailand.

They don't call it "U" for nothing! Whether you're chowing down on savory-sweet brunch creations or diving into colorfully creative desserts, it's all about having your dishes, your way! Visitors can control the aesthetic and flavoring of their food by modifying the ingredients offered to create their own version of each dish.