Skateboarding twins pushing their talents to new heights

ByBob Slovak Localish logo
Friday, June 21, 2024
Skateboarding twins pushing their talents to new heights
Daring Duo! The brothers were gifted skateboards for their 7th birthday and have been pushing the limits ever since.

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas -- At first glance, Jayden and Jaxon Aleman appear fearless. The 10-year-old skateboarding twins fly, twist, and soar over the ramps at Southside Skatepark, but Jaxon says that's not the case, "you can't be fearless, when you're fearless you'll get hurt. You have to know the possibility and avoid it."

Jayden and Jaxon are just 3 and half years into their Skateboarding careers. When they asked for boards for their 7th birthday, Mom was a little hesitant, "I said OK they're just kids they'll do it for a week or two and be over it. Little did we know they would skate everyday since then."

The double daredevils pushing each other everyday. Jayden loves the creative challenge, "every time I drop-in it's fun because I'm like what about this."

Southside Skatepark, owner Eric Visentin sees big things are in Jayden and Jaxon's future, "they are as high a level of emerging skateboarder we've ever seen and we're celebrating our 30th anniversary this summer."

The Friendswood 5th Graders are not just about skateboarding. Both are good students and they have a heavy metal rock band. Dad Alex loves it, "they have old souls, it's what we listen to in the car. Mom Christy adds, "one of the boys is obsessed with drumming, the other is a guitarist so they dig in and research it and go in the back room and jam out."

So will it be a Rockstar career or Skateboarding? Both twins plan to go professional one day with Olympics on their radar. Jayden said, "We have to go slow and let it come to us." Jaxon adds, "I'd like to go to the X Games one day but we need to go slow. We're only three and half years in but I think it's going pretty good so far."